PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop – Florida – USA


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“My journey is to be the best me I can be through helping others to be the best and most peaceful version of themselves with ease and fun. And I enjoy it so much!”


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Date & Time:

11-12 August 2023 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, 13 August 2023 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Florida Turkish Center Foundation

3020 NE 32nd Ave #123, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, 

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Investment and Payment Options:

For workshops in USA & Turkey, which are paid with local credit or debit cards:

  1. 1100 USD (Single payment with debit or credit card)
  2. 575 USD x 2 months (2 Installments with debit or credit card)*
  3. 400 USD x 3 months (3 Installments with debit or credit card)*


Most of the time, we live with impeding subconscious beliefs, which limit our true potential and make it impossible for us to truly discover our boundaries. We are not even aware of the dominating strength of these beliefs, which prevent us to live the life we wish.

“No matter what I do or how hard I try, it’s never good enough.”

“The decisions I make usually turn out wrong.”

“If people knew the real me they wouldn’t like me.”

“I blame others (my boss, co-workers, my spouse, etc.) for my problems.”

“I shouldn’t try anything new or risky because I’ll probably screw it up.”

“It’s not safe to ask others to help me because I can’t trust them to do the job right.”

“My opinion doesn’t really matter.”   

“What I do isn’t really important.” 

If you have such limiting beliefs, you are RIGHT!

As long as you have such beliefs, your manifestations in life will keep on supporting them.

Recent scientific research shows that at least 95% of our life is automatically operated by our subconscious (unconscious) mind, without us noticing it. Often the subconscious is like a minefield of limiting beliefs and old outdated “programs” that are no longer worthy of who we are, or who we are becoming. These powerful but limiting programs and beliefs affect our lives in all aspects continuously, including relationships, self-confidence, financial status, career choice, and even our health and physical condition. In our lives, the reasons for these behaviors and performances that we cannot understand are also due to these belief patterns we are not aware of.

PSYCH-K® is a unique, easy, fast and effective way, developed to reprogram these long-established, dominating and limiting beliefs, which prevent a healthy and peaceful life. In other words, it is a way that liberates by restructuring all limiting mind mechanisms into supportive automatisms to realize one’s full potential.

With a proven record of success over 30 years by more than a hundred thousand people around the world, PSYCH-K® is a unique blend of various contemporary and ancient tools, derived from neuroscience research for permanent and comfortable change. It is a very practical process that transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and distress reduction.

Good news: through PSYCH-K® we can change without having to dig up our whole past. We don’t have to know what has happened in order to transform it.

More good news: it is also self applicable. You can use PSYCH-K® alone to help yourself as well as to help others.

There is even more good news: anyone can learn it!

What will you learn in the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop?

  • How are beliefs created and how do they affect our lives?
  • What is PSYCH-K® and how does it work?
  • PSYCH-K®’s unique muscle testing and how to communicate with the subconscious mind?
  • Security protocols to ensure the safety of the work.
  • How to create well-formed, and compelling goal statements to enhance any area of your life?
  • A goal clarification process, that makes it easier for the subconscious mind to better understand and assist you in achieving your goals.
  • Two different processes for reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs, the ‘New Direction Balance’ and the ‘Resolution Balance’.
  • How to transform distress, traumas, and fears into a peaceful perception permanently?
  • Using PSYCH-K® with yourself and to change your limiting beliefs without the need of another person.
  • Using PSYCH-K® to change your life or to help others to change their lives as soon as the Workshop is over.

So you will learn ways to use your subconscious as the greatest support force to achieve your goals. And to collaborate with your subconscious mind which automatically manages minimum 95% of your life without you realizing it. Moreover, you do not have to memorize anything that will be taught. You will be given a workshop packet that guides you through the process quite clearly, step by step.

Which areas of your life you can work to transform along the Basic Workshop?

1) ALIGN YOUR BELIEFS WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF NATURE: Tap into the Wisdom of Nature to create sustainable joy and happiness in your life.

2) SPIRITUALITY: Release subconscious resistance to experience your connection with Divinity.

3) RELATIONSHIPS: Create beliefs that support you in having healthy and loving relationships.

4) HEALTH / BODY: Reduce “emotional distress” and program your body/mind for optimal health and vitality.

5) GRIEF / LOSS: Resolve painful memories and find greater peace and happiness.

6) SELF-ESTEEM: Discover beliefs that can help you to deeply appreciate and accept yourself.

7) PROSPERITY: Replace old attitudes about money and change self-limiting beliefs about financial prosperity.

8) PERSONAL POWER: Increase your self-confidence and willingness to take positive and decisive action in your life.

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