Master Facilitation Workshop – Dubai



This workshop is designed to help you develop high-level facilitation skills in working with yourself and others and to “fine tune” your facilitation skills beyond what was possible to learn in other PSYCH-K® Workshops.

The training will include how to do successful PSYCH-K® private sessions in-person or long distance, via phone, or on Internet services such as Skype, Zoom, etc.

A private session is a sacred and safe space for facilitating changes.
Keeping this mindset as you facilitate PSYCH-K® will be as important as anything you know and practice.
There is an Inuit (People of the Canadian Arctic) word that embraces the idea of creating a sacred space: ISUMATAQ.  One of the translations of this word is, “The keeper of the sacred space in which wisdom is revealed.”
That sums up the ideal mindset of the Facilitator when you are doing Balances with clients, friends, family or with yourself.

Your ultimate job is to create an environment where the wisdom of your partner/client can be revealed and used in the PSYCH-K transformation process.

By attending this workshop you will become and exquisite Isumataq

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a personal “core-connection” statement about PSYCH-K
  • Surrogate your Partner for long distance sessions
  • Discover spiritual messages that may be present in challenging situations
  • Conduct effective and dynamic in-person, telephone, Skype, Zoom etc, sessions from start to finish
  • Personally, benefit from Balances you facilitate with others
  • Deal with occasional exceptions to the Balance processes, and handle muscle testing challenges
  • Step confidently onto the road of mastering the art of facilitating PSYCH-K!

In addition to these skills, you will receive a Facilitator’s Manual that will give you a source for additional information on subjects such as marketing, how to conduct an effective presentation of PSYCH-K® to groups and organizations, the do’s and don’ts of conducting private sessions, and much more.

The Master Facilitation Workshop (MFW) consists of four phases:
– About 2 weeks PRIOR the in-person workshop, you will receive the Pre-Reading Material: forty pages to be processed beforehand, with valuable information, exercises and inspirations for Balances
– The 3-days inperson workshop with the following timetable: Begin: at 9:00 a.m. End: 6:30 p.m., on Day 1 and 2; 5 p.m. on Day 3
About 2 weeks AFTER the in-person workshop, you will receive the Post-Reading Material
About 1 month AFTER the in-person workshop, a final webinar with the group to discuss post-reading material, sharing personal experiences and Q&A


As PSYCH-K instructor, I am passionate to travel the world and share the Isumataq consciousness to allow people accessing their inner power and facilitate others to to the same. Nowadays more than ever, mankinds is called to free its mind.
Teaching in Dubai with the support of my beloved sponsor Deepa Arora, is a special privilege. Being in this multiculturale environment offers an ex-traordinary potential to allow inner peace inhabit more and more hearts in the world.




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