PSYCH-K Basic Workshop ~ Byron Bay Area, Northern NSW, Australia ~ In English

Stunning Northern NSW!! Join me in the Byron Bay Area!  Venue TBC

Chances are if you are reading this you are looking for ways to enhance your life, ways to reach your full potential, ways to make your dreams a reality! That can mean going from trauma to peace, stress to calm, frustration to success, from good to great or any transformation you desire!


Maybe you have read Dr Bruce Lipton’s work ‘The Biology of Belief’…. or maybe not. Somewhere along the way you have uncovered or know the importance of your subconscious beliefs and programs in creating your reality, and you continue to seek the key to reprogramming your subconscious mind and releasing those limiting beliefs that you know are still there even though you have already done so much self development!


You are not alone! And you have been right all this time believing there has got to be a better way!! 


If you are still reading… then my experience tells me you are absolutely in the right place. After dedicating many years to studying the subconscious mind and our emotional wellness PSYCH-K IS the KEY to unlocking your subconscious beliefs and creating the life of you desire! When I found PSYCH-K I immediately knew my ‘searching’ was successful! It resonated so profoundly I knew then that I wanted to become an Instructor and share this with people like you.


This 3 day experiential workshop will delight you with its simplicity, it’s repeatability and  it’s effectiveness! It will provide you with the tools to align your subconscious beliefs and programs for ever! Big call I know but it’s true!


Your subconscious mind loves you to bits! But it is different to your conscious mind. This workshop gives you clarity on those differences and the tools to both communicate effectively with it and create the transformation you desire. Everyone deserves to have PSYCH-K!


To discover more about PSYCH-K and decide if this workshop is for you and importantly if I am the perfect PSYCH-K Instructor for you. I look forward to meeting you @ my website soon where you will find details of the workshop investment, client testimonials and more!


Much Love,  Liz


M: +61 488 600 526


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