PSYCH-K Advanced Integration Workshop, Gothenburg, Göteborg, Sweden , English

PSYCH-K Master Advanced Integration Workshop in Sweden, Gothenburg April 30th – 3th of May, 2020
Starts: 30th of April 2020 9 AM
Ends: 23th of May 2020 6:00 PM
Location: Apple Hotel, Torpavallsgatan 6. Göteborg
Early Bird before 1st of April : 11700 SEK
after 1st of April : 12700 SEK 

After the notification, booking confirmation and invoice were sent by mail.
If canceled by 4th of April, 75% of the course fee will be refunded. Of booking after april 7 no refund.
Organisation: Joy of Change, Lovisa Rosenberg
Instructor: Martine Tondeur
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or Phone number Lovisa: +46 (0) 768 944 979

PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshop

This course is highly recommended if you plan on working with others on a larger scale, personally or professionally. In this four-day workshop you experience the next level of freedom. The condition for participation is that you have first followed the Basic Workshop.

Balance: Core beliefs

This process aims at the 13 ‘Core Beliefs ‘. These are what prevent us from disposing of our full potential in life. The Balance includes 13 pairs of Core Beliefs that represent basic and vital themes, such as love for yourself, forgiveness, … For example: I want to live/I want to die; I can/I can’t; I expect the best/I expect the worst; …

If both the supporting and the obstructive beliefs are true in your subconscious mind, a conflict is created which leads to even more frustration, because you want to, but you can’t … comparable to keeping one foot on the accelerator and the other foot simultaneously on the brake. Then you lose all your energy end you become exhausted. That is why this balance lays down a foundation in your life, and this both at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. A must for everyone.

Belief Points

You learn how to use 12 ‘energy points’ in the body, which have been derived from the ancient Chinese acupuncture. Each point represents an important belief and provides valuable information about how those beliefs obstruct you in certain situations. Through these points, your beliefs are easily accessible and they are also easy to change. In most cases, it’s just a matter of seconds!

Life Bonding Balance

The ‘trauma of birth’ and ‘fear of death’ are two powerful aspects of human existence. This Balance uses breathing to reprogramme the restrictive impact of those influences on our lives. The breathing between two power centres in the body teaches you to transform the stress related to the experience of your birth and your perception of ‘death’.


Surrogation enables you to perform PSYCH-K® with someone who cannot participate. For example, someone who is physically incapacitated, someone who is not physically present or someone who is too young. In the process, we create a connection between the Higher Conscious Mind of that person and that of a willing substitute. Surrogation can also be used for helping friends, family members, and also for loved ones who are no longer in the physical world, and non-human life forms (such as pets and other animals).

Balance: Relationship

This Balance helps two persons to better understand each other and to transform personal issues with others. This offers a better perspective of the value of the relationships between parents, children, married couples, friends and lovers. Also for professional relationships, this Balance is a must in communication. This Balance encourages a state of ‘full brain’ when one sees, hears, or senses the presence of the other.

Balance: Rapport

This is a Balance for effective communication. At best, ‘Rapport’ includes trust and respect. This enables people to communicate openly and honestly. You learn how you can create a deep feeling of trust and security with others in just a couple of minutes, both by verbal and non-verbal communication.

Energy Focus

A safe and effective procedure that enables you to aim your energy with great focus and clear intention at a Belief point. The purpose is quickly and easily to transform subconscious beliefs.

Energy Circle

An extraordinary energetic experience in a group. This is your chance to experience the great effects of concentrated, unconditional love!

Take the next step in the PSYCH-K® method and throw all the excess ballast in your life overboard. Please feel free to contact me for more information about the Advanced Workshop.

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