PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop – Mallorca, Spain – English

Where: Pending confirmation of location in Palma de Mallorca

When: January 31st till February 2nd, 2020

Times: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (one hour and a half break for lunch)


This is the foundational course for all of PSYCH-K®. For some people, this is all the PSYCH-K® they will need to help transform self-limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones! It is our limiting beliefs that often determine the limits of what we can achieve in life. This Workshop is a prerequisite for all other PSYCH-K workshops.

Here’s what you will learn in the workshop:

– How to communicate with the subconscious mind, using a unique muscle testing protocol.
– Two different processes for changing subconscious beliefs, i.e., the New Direction Balance, and the Resolution Balance.
– A goal clarification process, called, VAK to the Future, that makes it easier for the subconscious mind to better understand and assist you in achieving your goals.
– How to create well-formed, and compelling goal statements to enhance any area of your life.
– Differences between the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind, and the role of each in changing limiting beliefs.
– How to facilitate belief changes with yourself and others.

A weekend to change your life and give you the tools to modify any limiting beliefs!

Requirements: Wanting to have the life you have always wished for.

Investment: € 670 (for special offers, contact  or whatsapp +34 685 51 71 91)


For Additional Information:

Information and registration for this PSYCH-K® workshop and private sessions at


Instructor: Matilde Santos Leal

Matilde is a Certified PER-K® and PSYCH-K® Instructor for both the Basic and Advanced Integration Workshops. She is deeply passionate about sharing this wonderful process with people in a way that makes it easy for them to understand, and she prides herself on always creating a safe workshop environment for the transformation that always takes place. She has taught the PSYCH-K® processes of change to thousands of divine beings around Spain, Portugal, UK, USA, Ukraine and Hong Kong and facilitates Private Sessions online. Matilde has significant experience helping transform stress and trauma (no matter how old, deep or intense it may seem) and optimising belief systems in the most powerful and fastest way possible.

Call Matilde Anytime!

Feel free to connect with Matilde if you have some questions or want to know more. Matilde would love to hear from you!

Telephone and WhatsApp: +34 685 51 71 91

After Workshop Support

After you have completed the workshop Matilde makes herself available to answer questions, troubleshoot and help keep you on track. Almost always they are simple pieces of advice that people require to get them moving, however, if you don’t have easy access to this advice it can slow you down dramatically.

Enjoy your time in Santander!
Santander is a beautiful town in the north coast of Spain. Make the most of your journey and enjoy everything Santander and Cantabria have to offer. See the information at:
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