PSYCH-K Advanced Integration Workshop ~ Denver, CO ~ English

Advanced Integration Workshop – Engage the Spiritual Understandings of PSYCH-K!


Experience 8+ additional astounding change processes of PSYCH-K!


Denver / Aurora, Colorado  August 15-18, 2019   Thursday – Sunday, 8:45 AM—6:00 PM


Location: Private Residence, 19529 East 59th Drive, Aurora, CO 80019


Lodging: Local area Air BnB options and hotels. Call Karen for information.



$1,200.00  USD  Tuition for 4 days                 REGISTER and PAY >>

$250.00   USD  Reviewers for 4 days


For Additional Information Contact:

Certified PSYCH-K Instructor, Karen McKy, Subconscious Change LLC,   719-648-3070,  


Experience the renown  Core Belief Balance, Belief Points with Energy Focusing, Rapport Balance, Surrogation, Relationship Balance, Life Bonding Balance and the Surprise Balance. These additional processes take you through an unprecedented journey of the soul. Experience the entire four days as one BIG Balance in itself. If you liked the Basic Workshop, you’ll be blown away by what this program offers. You’ll never look at your life the same way, ever again!


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