On-line Level 1, August 2024, South Africa SAST.


Welcome to your On-line Level 1 workshop!

There’s no such thing as co-incidence and you are about to have the ability to change your life in a sustainable and breathtaking way!

My journey towards PSYCH-K® took almost 4 decades of learning and research, and when I finally found it, I knew that I had found the ‘missing link’. My personal belief that we are magical, that we have the capacity to effect tremendous change within ourselves and the world, and that we can do it with a fair amount of ease and speed, was proven to be correct.” Elma Rivera

You have arrived here because there is something in your life that you want to change.

There might be an important goal that is staying just out of your reach, or a financial situation you really need to improve. You might want to transform a close relationship that is causing you pain, or attract someone new and exciting into your life.

Or do you want to be healthier or fitter,  have a physical or emotional issue that needs healing, or do you want to be calmer and more peaceful, and enjoy a satisfied, grateful mind?

Have you had the feeling as if you are being called to do something meaningful?
To serve for the Greater Good?
Does the hidden best version of yourself need to finally step out on centre-stage?

If your answer is yes to even just one of the above questions, you have probably already made the decision to make changes. You have arrived here because it is time!

I am here to help you with an easy, quick and sustainable tool called PSYCH-K®.

Registration e-mail: riveraelma@gmail.com

Price: $ 700.00

Time Zone: SAST (South African time zone)

For more information : www.elmarivera.com

The On-line Level 1 workshop will enable you to work with yourself in the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect way to discover your own greatness and make sustainable changes in your life. Once others and yourself notice your success, you might be asked by friend, colleagues and family to help them, and then you can attend the  On-line Level 2 workshop that will teach you how to work with others.  But for now, it’s your time, your life and your ability to change yourself, your life and your world the way you want it to be.

Let’s take this journey together.

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