PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop – Dallas – Texas


Congratulations on the desire to become a Masterful Facilitator and continue your PSYCH-K® journey! 


This course is designed to help you learn and develop high-level facilitation skills when working with yourself and others.


It is for professional and non-professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators who wish to fine tune their skills beyond what is possible during the Basic and other PSYCH-K® Workshops. This workshop allows for an increased effectiveness, ease, and confidence as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator. The Basic workshop is the only pre-requisite and therefore the only Balances that will be used during this workshop.

This workshop will also qualify you to be listed one the PSYCH-K® website in you’d like to be found by those searching sessions.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a personal “core-connection” statement about PSYCH-K®
  • Surrogation for long distance sessions
  • Discover spiritual messages in challenging situations or conditions
  • Conduct effective and dynamic private in-person sessions
  • Conduct effective and dynamic internet sessions (Skype, Zoom etc.)
  • Conduct effective and dynamic phone sessions
  • Personally, benefit from Balances you facilitate with others
  • Manage session exceptions
  • Step confidently onto the road of mastering the art of facilitating!
  • And so much more!

In addition to these skills, with full registration, you will receive a 41-page Facilitator’s Manual prior to attending the workshop for ample time to read, study, and complete self-exploration exercises.

A Zoom call is schedule prior to the workshop to answer any questions and cover as much information as possible. You will want to be confident in self-muscle testing as this will be used in internet and phone sessions.


Meet your instructor for this adventure!




LOCATION: Dallas, TX address shared with registration.
Use or to search for accommodations if needed.
This Fire Station is within a block: 1009 N. Waterview Parkway, Richardson, TX 75080

Dallas Love Field (16 miles) and DFW International (22 miles)


  • Plan travel accordingly for class hours 9am-6pm
  • Plan to arrive at class WELL RESTED for a FULL days of shifts and learning!
  • To complete this workshop it will be necessary to be present until 6:00pm on Sunday! 
  • Plan any travel on Sunday, if needed, closer to 10pm!


CONTACT: Due to a heavy travel and session schedule, email is the quickest and best way for contact-


You’re welcome to leave a detailed message with any questions on this landline for a return call:

I can’t wait to witness and share in this part of your journey ♥

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