PSYCH-K Master Faciitation Workshop – London

Dear SuperConscious CreatorPlease join me for this Special 3 Day PSYCH-K® Master Faciitation Workshop experience with a group of wonderful like minded people at  the majestic Regents University, Regents Park NW1, London.This will be the 6th year that I will be returning  to London to teach the PSYCH-K® Basic, Advanced Integration and Master Facilitation Workshops and is your chance to fully immerse yourself in 1, 2 or all 3 of these incredible events to activate your true power and potential..


You will leave each day with new friends and a new version of yourself!

Always Remember. You’re a Spiritual Being with Infinite Potential!


 Master Facilitation Workshop

This course is designed to help you develop high-level facilitation skills in working with yourself and others. The workshop is for professional and non-professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators who wish to “fine tune” their facilitation skills beyond what was possible to teach or learn in the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, or other PSYCH-K® Workshops. The net effect is to help you increase your current level of effectiveness, ease, and confidence as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator.The training will include how to do successful PSYCH-K® private sessions in-person or long distance, via phone, or on Internet services such as Skype, Zoom, etc.At the PSYCH-K® Centre International, we think of a private session as creating a sacred and safe space for facilitating change.  Keeping this goal in mind as you facilitate PSYCH-K® will be as important as anything we can teach you in the quest for mastering the facilitation process.  There is an Inuit (People of the Canadian Arctic) word that embraces the idea of creating a sacred space.  The word is Isumataq.  One of the translations of this word is, “The keeper of the sacred space in which wisdom is revealed.”  That sums up the ideal mindset of the Facilitator when you are doing Balances with clients, or friends and family. Your ultimate job is to create an environment where the wisdom of your partner/client can be revealed and used in the PSYCH-K® transformation process.You do not have to attend the Advanced Integration Workshop to participate in Master Facilitation Workshop, although if you have attended the Advanced, Integration Workshop or plan to, you will still receive significant benefits from what we have to share in this Workshop, regarding the art of facilitation.Note: This is not a course for developing PSYCH-K® as a business. If that is your interest, it will be imperative that you study and learn more about owning, starting and running a personal service-based business.You will learn how to:

  • Develop a personal “core-connection” statement about PSYCH-K®
  • Surrogate your Partner for long distance sessions
  • Discover spiritual messages that may be present in challenging situations
  • Conduct effective and dynamic private in-person sessions from start to finish
  • Conduct effective and dynamic phone sessions from start to finish
  • Conduct effective and dynamic Skype, Zoom etc, video sessions from start to finish
  • Personally, benefit from Balances you facilitate with others
  • Deal with occasional exceptions to the Balance processes, and handle muscle testing challenges
  • Step confidently onto the road of mastering the art of facilitating PSYCH-K®!

In addition to these skills, you will receive a Facilitator’s Manual that will give you a source for additional information on subjects such as marketing, how to conduct an effective presentation of PSYCH-K® to groups and organizations, the do’s and don’ts of conducting private sessions, and much more.


Since 2010, Ian Spicer has taught over 250 PSYCH-K® Workshops to nearly 4000 people all over the world. He teaches the Basic, Advanced Integration and Master Facilitation Workshops as well as leads Divine Integration Retreats whenever possible.  Ian is deeply passionate about PSYCH-K® and sharing this wonderful process with people in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and inspired to use it in their every day life. He prides himself on always creating a safe and fun workshop environment for the transformation that always takes place.

Since 2007 Ian has also facilitated PSYCH-K® Private Sessions with thousands of people. He has significant experience working with helping people remove all their stress and optimise their beliefs in the most powerful and fastest way possible to radically improve their experience of life.


Workshop Participant Reviews about Ian Spicer


After Workshop Support

After you have completed the workshop Ian makes himself available to answer questions, troubleshoot and help keep you on track. Almost always they are simple pieces of advice that people require to get them moving,  however, if you don’t have easy access to this advice it can slow you down dramatically.


Contact Ian Directly

Feel free to connect Ian on any of the below numbers if you have some questions, want to know more or if you would like to meet Ian. He would love to hear from you!  

  • All Countries: +61 414 426 486 (anytime 9-5pm Sydney Australia Time) – Text or Call. Happy to Call You Back if you Leave a Message.
  • Australia: 0414 426 486 (anytime 9-5pm Sydney Australia Time) – Text or Call. Happy to Call You Back if you Leave a Message


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