Master Facilitation Workshop / 

Miami – Florida

This three-day workshop is for you if …
~ You have attended PSYCH-K® Basic only (or you have also attended the Advanced,Divine Integration, or Health & Wellbeing)
~ You are interested in exploring and enhancing your Facilitation skills
~ You would like to  get immediate feedback on your Facilitation abilities
~ You want to expand your offerings to include sessions on the phone or online video using Surrogation
~ You want to get some expanded ideas about how to offer PSYCH-K® as a Facilitator
~ You are ready to benefit from Balances for yourselfThe Basic workshop is the only prerequisite for this workshop.The focus for this class is on practice, practice, practice while receiving valuable feedback to support your personal growth and skills. Three very full days of on hands training for enhancement of your PSYCH-K ® Facilitation skillsYou’ll learn how to use Surrogation for long distance sessions, so the ability to self test is helpful (flexible possibilities available otherwise).You’ll also learn how to use Messages from Situations and Conditions to help Partners understand important lessons from perplexing situations.Your Instructor will demonstrate face-to-face sessions, online sessions (Skype/Zoom/FaceTime, etc.), and sessions held over the phone without the benefit of seeing your Partner.After, you will get the chance to Facilitate so you can discover what you are doing well and what you can improve upon to be the best PSYCH-K® Facilitator you can be!Once you have paid in full and before the workshop, you will receive Pre-Workshop materials in order to get prepared. This is an extensive document to help prepare you for the Balance activities during the workshop. It is important to give yourself time to review and prepare prior to attending the workshop.NOTE: once you receive the Pre-Workshop document, the workshop has begun for you so there are NO REFUNDS. You can transfer to another Master Facilitation Workshop if an emergency occurs where you are not able to attend during these dates (Except in the case we need to reschedule for an uenxpected situation)At the workshop, you will receive specific Balance approaches and other support material. We will briefly review the preparation document and spend extensive time Facilitating in small groups and receive feedback.After the workshop, you will receive Post-Workshop materials as well as a group call to review the document and answer any application questions.


For more details About Martha Vargas and PSYCH-K® click here

INSTRUCTOR: Martha Vargas


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