Divine Integration Retreat – Brevard, North Carolina USA


Mary Mazur, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor


Co-Teaching:  Myra L Lovvorn, RN, MSN, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor


28 October, 2021, 9:00 am to

31 October, 2021 5:00 pm

Divine Integration Retreat Location : Yellow Cottages in Brevard, North Carolina ( near Asheville) : 309 S Country Club Road, Brevard, North Carolina.  The rooms are filled. If you’d like to attend the DIR, and lodge nearby in Brevard, or a nearby city, please email Mary (with link below) to request this.  You may pay $50 to cover meals during the DIR (with the link below). I will need to know that you are attending to prepare the paperwork for you, and to send you an email so you may prep for it lovingly! (We ask that you bring a fold up chair for yourself to use).

Pre-req to attend : completed PSYCH-K® Basic and Advanced workshops.  Please email Mary at  or text her at 313-909-6362 let her know who your Basic and Advanced instructors were.

This retreat is a gift back to you (no tuition cost). You are welcome to give an anonymous love offering if you are moved to do so. Donate – Love offering 

Here is the link of our lodging options: Yellow Cottages link

Email Mary for your preference of sleeping arrangements.  May you be ok to share a room or cottage with others. The women will get the cottages and airbnb rooms, and may the men may share the RV (4 beds there).  Couples are welcome too!

If you prefer to sleep elsewhere, may you be willing to contribute $50 for food, drinks, extras during the retreat. This will secure your spot :

$50 snacks, lunch each day only (not lodging with us):  $50 link – Meals only DIR

Bring your Basic and Advanced packets with you, comfortable blanket to sit on the grass if you like, a comfortable portable chair (if you are driving ), a journal, and a special object for the Alter, comfortable shoes for hiking, bathing suit for the hot tubs, comfortable clothes, and your open heart. (I will send out a reminder email for these things).

Divine Integration Retreat

What can you expect from attending the Divine Integration Retreat?

  • Recognize and experience a direct connection to your Higher-Self
  • Change limiting beliefs about your own divinity
  • Experience group synergy of Divine Consciousness
  • Discover your true nature as a spiritual being having a human experience
  • Learn to see the divinity in others
  • No tuition fee

Divine Integration Retreat

The singular purpose of this Retreat is to provide participants with both recognition, and a direct experience of the Divine essence in each of us. It is inclusive of all religious and spiritual orientations. The Retreat provides an opportunity to identify and change any limiting beliefs about one’s own divinity. In the culminating experience of the Retreat, the effect of group synergy is used to create an energetic environment in order to generate a personal experience of one’s own divine connection. In the tradition of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” this experience leverages group dynamics to facilitate a field effect in which each person can benefit from the power of the group in this state of divine coherency.

The more of us who recognize our true spiritual nature, the more of the Source of All That Is,  will manifest in the world. It is PSYCH-K®’s way of nurturing sacred global evolution. There is no fee for the Retreat, although you may make an anonymous donation if you wish. Because the Divine Integration Retreat builds on processes and experiences from the Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K® Workshop, completion of both Basic and Advanced Workshops is required before attending the Retreat.

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