Curso Basico de PSYCH-K – Sao Paulo – Brazil


Basic workshop

This is the fundamental course for all PSYCH-K. For some people, this is all of the PSYCH-K that will need to help transform beliefs that limit them into beliefs that support them. It is our limiting beliefs that often determine the limits of what we can achieve in life. This workshop is a prerequisite for all other PSYCH-K modules. Here is what you will learn in the workshop:

  • How to communicate with the subconscious mind using an original muscle test protocol .
  • Two different processes for changing subconscious beliefs, that is, the New balance of direction, and the Balance of resolution .
  • A goal clarification process, called, VAK for the future , which makes it easier for the subconscious mind to better understand and help you achieve your goals.
  • How to create well-formed and attractive goal statements to improve any area of ​​your life.
  • Differences between the subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind , and each one’s role in changing limiting beliefs.
  • How to facilitate belief changes with you and others .

See how you can benefit from participating in this workshop …

1) Align your beliefs with
the Principles of Nature

Tap into the wisdom of nature to create sustainable joy and happiness in your life.

5) Pain and Loss

Resolve painful memories and find greater peace and happiness.

2) Spirituality

Release the subconscious resistance to experimenting
your connection with Divinity.

6) Self-esteem

Discover beliefs that can help you deeply appreciate and accept yourself.

3) Relationships

Create beliefs that support you in having healthy and loving relationships.

7) Prosperity

Replace old attitudes about money and change self-limiting beliefs about financial prosperity.

4) Health and Body

Reduce “emotional stress” and program your body / mind for optimal health and vitality.

8) Personal power

Increase your self-confidence and willingness to take positive and decisive action in your life.

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