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Thank you for your interest the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop in London.

I will share some basic workshop information here for you and for more detailed information about PSYCH-K®, the London workshop and to book your place, please go to my website You can also email me at  with any questions you have and I’ll be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, here are the details for the workshop and I look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.

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Cazzie 😊



September 20th-22nd 2019



£505 if paid by August 19th

£575 if paid between August 20th and September 20th

Payment plans  can be arranged by contacting me directly.


Venue Address


Novotel Hotel London West – 5 minute walk from Hammersmith tube station.





Tel: 02087411555




What is covered at the 3 day Basic Workshop –


Day 1 –

– Beliefs, where they come from and how they affect us in our daily life. I will show you my Belief Cycle, so that you can really understand the impact our subconscious beliefs have on our daily lives.

– Three levels of the mind and how we work with each level to make successful, long lasting change in our lives.

The brain – understanding the basics of split brained research and what it means to be whole brained. We will look at the importance of being whole brained when making effective change in our lives.

What is a PSYCH-K® Balance and more about PSYCH-K®.

– Muscle Testing that allows us to communicate directly with our Superconscious and Subconscious minds.

– Two PSYCH-K® Balances – the processes that can be used to change limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind into juicy self enhancing beliefs.


Day 2

– How to create your very own personal well formed goal statements that will help you have the life experiences you want and desire.

Clarification for the subconscious mind – how you will know that you have achieved your goal.

-Secondary Gain: if there were to be any benefits to staying in your old behaviour, what could those benefits be.

– Different categories with 77 Goal Statements covering the areas of Relationships, Personal Power, Self esteem, Prosperity, Grief and Loss, Spirituality and Health and Body.

Principles of Nature – 33 statements that have been inspired by Bruce Lipton’s work on nature and what we can learn from her.

– PSYCH-K® Principles and Philosophies

– Transforming the Perception of a Stressful Situation: past, present or future, including trauma, phobias and general life challenges.

– Self testing – self muscle testing techniques that will help you use the PSYCH-K® Balances for yourself,  when you are on your own.


Day 3

Use PSYCH-K® in Your Daily Life: how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the simplest and most effective way. This is where we bring together everything that you have learned. There will be a practice session, giving you the confidence to use the PSYCH-K® process with yourself and others once you leave the workshop.

Where to go from here: what other PSYCH-K® workshops are available.

The PSYCH-K® Gaia Project

– Workshop close.



How PSYCH-K® came into my life


I first found PSYCH-K®, or rather PSYCH-K® found me (it has a way of finding us when we’re ready) in April 2005. After spending my life searching for the elusive ‘something’ and studying and training since my early 20’s, I finally found what I had looking for all of these years.


In 2004, I attended the Science and Consciousness Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I was a volunteer along with some friends. It was here that I first heard about Bruce Lipton due to being the volunteer door monitor for his presentation. I left Bruce’s talk knowing that something huge had changed within me, but I didn’t know what; I just knew that it was potentially life changing.


The following year in 2005, I went back to the same conference, this time in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bruce was talking again, but this time with someone called Rob Williams, who was talking about something called PSYCH-K®. During Rob’s talk about PSYCH-K®, I had a deep sense of knowing that this is what I’d been searching for and it was like a lightbulb went on in my mind and every cell in my body woke up and had the biggest party ever 🎉


I spoke to Rob and Bruce after the talk and Bruce told me in no uncertain terms, that I HAD to take a PSYCH-K® workshop, so I did. I attended my first PSYCH-K® Basic workshop in November 2005 and I haven’t looked back since. On the way home from the workshop, I remember having the realisation that, if I ever have another wobble in m life, it would be ok, because now I had a process at my fingertips that I could use any time to overcome any perceived difficulty or challenge I experienced. I started to use PSYCH-K® with myself straight after my Basic workshop (I’ll show you how to do this at the workshop) and, after a while, I realised and understood that the elusive thing I’d been searching for since I was very young was actually me. I had spent so much of my life searching outside myself for answers and, finally, I was able to realise that a) what I really wanted to find was me and who I really was, and b) that all of the answers I had been seeking were within me and so began my PSYCH-K® journey back to wholeness and I am grateful every day for this.


Thank you for reading and blessings to you.

Cazzie xx

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