PSYCH-K Master Facilitator Workshop – Dallas, TX


Take your facilitating skills to the next level!


This class is packed with important information to help PSYCH-K Facilitators enhance their skills and deliver excellence while facilitating PSYCH-K processes. Whether you want to polish your skills to help yourself, family and friends, or offer PSYCH-K professionally, this class is for you. Sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge and confidence using the PSYCH-K processes taught in the Basic Workshop.


Expand and enhance your abilities helping others deal with life’s challenges. During this 3-Day intensive, you will experience lots of personal growth as you work the processes!  This workshop offers the opportunity for a great deal of deductive reasoning and “thinking outside of the box working with real life situations!”


The focus for this class is on practice, practice, practice while being observed and receiving valuable feedback to support your personal growth and skills. You’ll learn how to use Surrogation for long distance sessions, so the ability to self test is helpful (flexible possibilities available otherwise). You’ll also learn how to use Messages from Situations and Conditions to help Partners understand important lessons from perplexing situations. We’ll facilitate face-to-face sessions, online sessions (Skype/Zoom/FaceTime, etc.), and sessions held over the phone without the benefit of seeing your Partner. Communication is KEY to your success as a Facilitator. Discover what you are doing well and what you can improve upon to be the best PSYCH-K Facilitator you can be!


If you are interested in enhancing and polishing your PSYCH-K facilitation skills this is the right place to be. If you are interested in having a listing on the international PSYCH-K website for private session offering, this workshop is a prerequisite.


Considerations for attending this workshop:

  • Enough experience facilitating to provide quality sharing and questions during the workshop.
  • A developed skill in self-testing. This can be flexible. Contact us for options if needed.
  • Registering a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the workshop. Pre-workshop materials are sent in .pdf form when full registration is completed. Print and assemble in your own 3-ring binder with ample time for studying and integrating this information as much possible provides a richer workshop experience.
  • Participation in a pre-workshop conference call for questions and review.

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Dallas, TX   Friday-Sunday, 9:00AM—6:00 PM


Location: TBA


Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airport:  22 miles

Dallas Love Field (DAL) airport:  16 miles


Contact Katherine Moyer for additional information:

Due to a heavy travel and private session schedule, e-mail is the best way to contact.


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