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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop in Cardiff.

It’s a great 3 days with lots of practice so that you’re really familiar with the PSYCH-K® process. Below you will find all of the information you need regarding the workshop, such as logistics, timing, directions and accommodation etc.

Following this, you will find a breakdown of what will be covered at the workshop over the three days. There is quite a lot of information here, so please read it carefully.

If you have any questions at all prior to the workshop, don’t hesitate to ask. My email address is .

If you would like to book a space, you can do this directly through my website, by clicking on this link

Have a great day and I’m really looking forward to, hopefully, meeting you at a workshop.


Workshop Info

Cost: £725 if paid by February 3rd

£785 if paid between February 4th and March 4th

The workshop runs –

9.00am – 6.00pm Friday and Saturday

9.00am – 5.00pm on Sunday

Lunch breaks occur around 1.00pm and are for 60-75 minutes. While it’s not possible to bring your own food in to the golf club, the club has a bar and restaurant area with a varied menu. There are other options as well -Pughs garden centre is one mile from the golf club and has three cafes to choose from, the Orchard Cafe is a 5 minute walk away and Cicchetti is an Italian restaurant, which is a 7 minute walk from the club. Asda’s is also a 9 minute drive and 30 minute walk away.

There is a lovely walk to the River Taff near to the golf club, where you can sit at a bench by the weir.

Water and refreshments will be provided during the breaks, although I do recommend bringing your own bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the workshop. Dress is casual and comfortable and please dress in layers if you have a tendency to get cold and to adjust to changing room temperatures. While you will receive a packet of information to take home, most people find it valuable to bring a pen and some paper to take a few notes.

The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop will be held at the:

Radyr Golf Club Drysgol Road, Radyr

CF15 8BS
Telephone: 02920 842408

Accommodation near the golf club

There are a few lovely bnb’s near the club, within walking distance and also a couple of hotels within a 10 minute drive:

Ty Mynydd Lodge is a 2 min drive and 7 minute walk from the The owners offered a 10% discount to PSYCH-K® participants who are staying at their bnb and they’re really lovely people too.

The Laurels is a 10 minute drive away

Gelynis Farm is a 5 minute drive and 20 minute walk away

The Village Hotel Whitchurch is a 9 minute drive away

Travelodge Whitchurch is a 10 minute drive away

Holiday Inn Cardiff North M4 is an 8 minute drive away

Taxi Firms:

Capital Cabs – 02920 777777 Premier Cars – 02920 555555 Dragon Taxis – 02920 333333


What is covered at the 3 day Basic Workshop –

Day 1

– What is PSYCH-K

– The brain – understanding the basics of split brained research and what it means to be whole brained. We will look at the importance of being whole brained when making effective change in our lives.

– Three levels of the mind and how we work with each level to make successful, long lasting change in our lives.

– Muscle Testing to communicate directly with our superconscious and subconscious minds.

– Two PSYCH-K Balances – the processes that can be used to change subconscious beliefs that limit us into beliefs that support us to transform our daily lives.

Day 2

– PSYCH-K® Principles and philosophies.

7 Categories of Change: 77 inspirational Goal Statements, covering the areas of Relationships; Personal Power; Self esteem; Prosperity; Grief and Loss; Spirituality and Health and Body.

Well-Formed Goal Statements: How to create your very own personal well formed Goal Statements that will help you have the life experiences you want and desire.

– Secondary Gain: Have you ever tried really hard to change a behaviour or experience in your life, but you just seem to keep getting stuck? Here, we will look at the possibility of secondary gain benefits, where the subconscious need to stay in the behaviour or experience outweighs the conscious desire to change and we will look at how to overcome this.

–  Self muscle testing – techniques that will help you use the PSYCH-K® Balances yourself, when you are on your own and don’t have a facilitator to work with.

–  Transform the Perception of a Stress Into a State of Peace – learn transform the perception of any stressful experience, emotion, phobia or trauma in your life, past, present or future, so that there is no more emotional charge when you think about the experience.

–  Principles of Nature – 33 statements that have been inspired by Bruce Lipton’s work on nature and what we can learn from her.

–  Creating a New Reality Protocol: step into your future to create a new reality for yourself and see what you have to do to manifest that reality.

Day 3

– Use PSYCH-K® in Your Daily Life: how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the simplest and most effective way. This is where we bring together everything that you have learned so far. There will be a practice session, giving you the confidence to use the PSYCH-K® process with yourself and others once you leave the workshop.

– The PSYCH-K® GaiaProject: Learn a protocol that will enable you to help humanity make sweeping changes in a short period of time.

– Where you can go from here: what else is possible with PSYCH-K®.

– Affirmations of completion and close of workshop.

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