Master Facilitation Workshop – Cape Town, September 2023 – Gauteng – South Africa


The intention of the Master Facilitation Workshop is to help PSYCH-K® Facilitators become Masters in a PSYCH-K® Facilitation with themselves and to proficiently serve their Clients/Partners in-person or long distance. Surrogation empowers you to work with family members, children, animals, and clients that are far away.

This workshop is perfect for PSYCH-K® Facilitators who want to expand their awareness and to  understand and experience the PSYCH-K® processes on a deeper level

Although surrogation is included in the Advanced Integration Workshop, the Master Facilitation Workshop is the only offering in the various workshops of PSYCH-K® teaching you how to masterfully conduct yourself and a session: in-person, via Zoom and by telephone.

The PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop will transform your PSYCH-K® sessions into masterful, time efficient, powerful sessions. This will increase your scope of practice giving you an International brand.

New skills and protocols:

How to get messages from Allergies, Diseases and Situations, and how to create new beliefs.

Learning and practicing the skills to be the best                                          PSYCH-K® Facilitator you can be.

Simple 5 point outline for your sessions, speeding up the process.

  • Active Listening Skills
  • Your PSYCH-K® love story
  • Polishing Goal Statements
  • Keeping Sessions Simple and Effective
  • How to properly conduct a PSYCH-K® Session
  • Expanded understanding of the role of the Isumataq
  • The Power of Intention in Sessions
  • Facilitator Practice Sessions (2 full days)
  • Session Pricing
  • How to introduce yourself and PSYCH-K®

To help our Facilitators develop “Excellence in Facilitation” the focus of the workshop is “practice centred”.

Day 1 will include a Q & A section of the materials, review of Facilitator fine points on Self-Testing, Establishing Communication, etc. The afternoon of Day 1 we will teach Surrogation and a revised method of Messages for Situations.

Day 2 and 3 will include triad practices of running a skilled PSYCH-K® Practice from initial contact to one-on-one Facilitation and Surrogation Facilitation.

We will have 2 full days of intense practice sessions.

Triads practicing In-Person First Sessions with Partner Muscle Testing as well as triads holding Skype sessions where they can still see the Partner but will use Self-Testing and Surrogation on behalf of the Partner. PSYCH-K® Facilitators will also be taught using phone/audio only options and using Self-Testing through Surrogation.

Honour yourself and this wonderful process.

PRICE $1200.00


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