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Welcome to the Basic Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden



Instructor: Mariette Ham
(PSYCH-K Facilitator): Richard Domanski.

Dates: 4-5-6 October 2019 
Times: 9:00-18:00 (day 1); 9.00-18.00 uur (day 2); 9.00-16.00 uur (day 3)
Venue: Stockholm Zen Center, Erstagatan 31, 11636 Stockholm.

Price:  € 600 plus VAT ( € 726). If you have a VAT number or business number you will receive an invoice without VAT.
Repeaters fee: 150 €  (bring your own material)

Stress? Tired of pushing yourself without achieving your goals? Is your life not as easy and successful as you would like?
The result is stress, anger, or irritation because you do not achieve what you want. Moreover, it makes you tired, or sick.

When you are ready for lasting changes in your life… this is the place to be!


In the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop:

  • Mariette explains how to re-write limiting beliefs  in the hidden area of the SUBCONSCIOUS mind – and replace them with supporting ones.
  • Then you immediately practice the simple yet powerful PSYCH-K processes (using brain synchronization and the mind-body connection).
  • You will experience the first results already during the workshop, because you work on your own goals.

After the workshop you have everything you need to be relaxed, to face daily challenges and to achieve your goals… with ease, joy and fulfillment.


Become a PSYCH-K Facilitator for transforming your own issues, to support your friends and family. 

Especially for professionals (like coaches, therapists, osteopaths, homeopaths, energy healers, doctors…) PSYCH-K proofs to be a valuable add-on. It’s easy to integrate these processes in their practice. You will get a certificate and a quality logo for your communications. 


Bruce Lipton says “PSYCH-K is one of the most important, efficient, effective and rapid change processes that we have today on our planet.”- Dr. Bruce Lipton, 2014. He writes about his own experience with PSYCH-K in his book “The Biology of Belief” (addendum) and in “The Honeymoon effect” (p. 99-100, 126).


I work with small groups (min. 10 – max. 18 participants). For personal guidance, feedback and support. You have ample time to practice and fully master the processes. Everybody can learn this. 


Your benefits and results after the workshop:

  *  Release impeding feelings or stress in only a few minutes;
  *  Regain focus and resilience;
  *  Boost your energy and see the beauty in your life;
  *  Create perceptions and beliefs that support your goals and desires;
  *  Get your points across easily and with impact;
  *  Action to make your dreams come true follows naturally;
  *  Experience harmony and resilience in all aspects of your life;
  *  Live a wholehearted life.


Join us on 4-5-6 October, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden, to experience it yourself.


The PSYCH-K Basic Workshop provides the foundational basis and background knowledge about PSYCH-K® 
More about  this three-days Basic Workshop: check out this page


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Participants about their unexpected results

  *  “I should have known this years before!

  *  “It is amazing: these processes are so simple and yet so powerful!

  *  “After a balance my pain in my shoulders disappeared. Also my osteopath was surprised.

  *  “My partner told me my thinking has really changed; I am much more positive”

“I was able to transform fear into courage. Now I dare to speak up.”

  *  “Now I can take away the triggers that cause my stress.”

  *  “A lot has changed: I feel a peace of mind I never thought possible”

  *  “At last I have the solution to create a healthy life. After all I have done I never expected this result.”


Results and applications cover all life areas like:

Personal power and impact; abundance in all aspects of your life; health and resilience; coping with grief and loss; relationships (personally and professionally); spirit / spirituality; self-image, self-love, confidence. 

You will learn how to integrate PSYCH-K in your daily life and how to facilitate others.


After the workshop: extra benefits 

  *  SOS calls: you can call or email Mariette with any question to support your daily practice with PSYCH-K

  *  access to a worldwide platform (inspirational video’s; Q&A; etc.)

  *  access to Facebook groups (sharing; Q&A with people you know from your groups)



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Your investment for the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop covers three days of intensive learning and practicing. Including drinks and snacks. Lunches, lodging and travel are at your own expense. ​

The exact location of the venue will be confirmed in due time.
Contact me or Richard Domanski for any question:
   |   Phone: +32.486.99.11.88
Richard:   |   Phone: + 46 76 867 90 65

Warmly welcome!  Mariette and Richard

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