Basic Workshop in Brussels area (Leuven), Belgium – Language: English


Welcome to the Basic Workshop in Brussels area (in Leuven – a nice university city – only 16 minutes by train from the Belgian National Airport “Zaventem”) 

When you are ready for lasting changes in your life… this is the place to be!

  • Experience the power of changing perceptions about yourself and life. 
  • You will be able to create your own new ‘NOW’.
  • Be connected to your self / source / soul
  • Discover unexpected results.


I work with small groups (min. 6 – max. 12 participants). This way you will receive my feedback and support while practicing and working on your own goals.

Everybody can learn to master these processes. The power of this transformational work comes from your intention to change your life.


Especially for professionals (like coaches, therapists, osteopaths, healers, doctors and a wide range of other professionals) PSYCH-K proofs to be a valuable add-on. They easily integrate these processes in their practice.


After the workshop you are able to:

  *  Release impeding feelings or stress in only a few minutes;

  *  Regain focus and resilience;

  *  Boost your energy and see the beauty in your life;

  *  Create perceptions and beliefs that support your goals and desires;

  *  Get your points across easily and with impact;

  *  Action to make your dreams come true follows naturally

  *  Experience harmony and resilience in all aspects of your life;

  *  Live a wholehearted life.


Join us at 14-15-16 December 2018 in Leuven to experience it yourself.

Leuven is a nice university city – only 16 minutes by train from the Belgum National Airport “Zaventem”  

More about  this three-days Basic Workshop: check out the website

Use this link to register


Many participants tell us about their unexpected results

  *  “I should have known this years before!

  *  “It is amazing: these processes are so simple and yet so powerful!

  *  “After a balance my pain in my shoulders disappeared. Also my osteopath was surprised.

  *  “My partner told me my thinking has really changed; I am much more positive”

“I was able to transform fear into courage. Now I dare to speak up.”

  *  “Now I can take away the triggers that cause my stress.”

  *  “A lot has changed: I feel a peace of mind I never thought possible”

  *  “At last I have the solution to create a healthy life. After all I have done I never expected this result.”


The PSYCH-K Basic Workshop provides the foundational basis and background knowledge about PSYCH-K® as well as two generic transformational processes called Balances: the New Direction Balance and the Resolution Balance. You will also learn a clarification process for the subconscious mind (goal clarification).

And much more!

Results and applications cover all life areas like:

  *  Personal power and impact
  *  Tap into the possibilities of abundance in all aspects of your life
  *  Health and resilience in body and mind
  *  Grief and loss
  *  Relationships
*  Spirit /
Self-image and self-love. 


You will learn how to integrate PSYCH-K in your daily life and how to facilitate these transformational processes with others.

The group will be small, so you will get my guidance and feedback to work on your goals as well as to integrate the processes. This way you are fully equipped to apply your skills after the workshop.


You will have ample practice time to fully master the processes.
The new insights and skills are applicable in your personal and professional life


After the workshop: extra benefits 

  *  SOS calls: you are invited to call or email Mariette with any question to support your daily practice with PSYCH-K

  *  access to a worldwide platform (inspirational video’s; Q&A; etc.)

  *  access to a  Facebook group (sharing; Q&A with people you know from your groups)


More about  this three-days Basic Workshop: check out the website

Use this link to register.


Instructor: Mariette Ham 

Dates: 14-15-16 December 2018
Times: 9:00-17:00 (day 1); 9.00-17.00 uur (day 2); 9.00-16.00 uur (day 3)
Venue: to be confirmed (Leuven city center)
Price:  670 euro (Early Bird until 1 month before the start) / Normal fee: 720 euro.
Repeaters fee:
120 euro.


Your investment for the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop covers three days of intensive learning and practicing. Including drinks and snacks. Lunches, lodging and travel are at your own expense. ​
The exact location of the venue will be confirmed in due time.
Contact for questions about the workshop, practicalities or payments contact your instructor Mariette Ham: 
Phone (Whatsapp) +32.486.99.11.88 

Welcome!  Mariette 

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