PSYCH-K® ADVANCED WORKSHOP – West Palm Beach – Florida – English


Advanced Integration Workshop

West Palm Beach – Florida

August 22 to 25 – 2019


INSTRUCTOR: Martha Vargas


“My purpose in life is to be the happiest version of myself and to jointly support the evolution of Humanity by creating spaces for many people to discover that it is possible to take responsibility for transforming their lives in an easy, fast and fun way” ~ Marta Vargas, PSYCH-K – PER-K® Certified Instructor


  • EMAIL: 
    • Susan Stone: +1 (561) 512- 4760


  • THURSDAY – AUGUST 22 – 9 am a 6 pm
  • FRIDAY – AUGUST 23 –  9 am a 6 pm
  • SATURDAY  AUGUST 24 – 9 am a 6 pm
  • SUNDAY – AUGUST 25 – 9 am a 5 pm


Striblin House – 790 East Rambling Way, Wellington, Fl 33414 USA


  • EARLY BIRD (up until 30 days before the workshop) : US$1100
  • You may pay a deposit of US$35O to hold your space and the early bird fee –


The Advanced Integration PSYCH-K® Workshop is a 4-day “journey” that aims to take you to a new level of awareness and understanding as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator. You will learn processes that will significantly increase your ability to be a Facilitator of your own change and of others.


In the PSYCH-K® Advanced Integrative Workshop, you will learn proven processes to provide a safe environment for growth and profound change, so you can consistently create significant and valuable changes in the lives of thousands of people, starting with yours!

What will you discover in the Advanced Workshop:

 Rapport Balance (secure and effective communication)

This Balance will allow you to create a deep sense of confidence and security with other people, using processes that will help you connect with visual, auditory or kinesthetic sensory modalities. You can use these PSYCH-K® Balances to “speak the language of others” both verbally and non-verbally, being able to be in a “whole-brain” state when you communicate, regardless of your preferred modality of communication (visual / auditory / kinesthetic). The result is that it will make it easier for you to understand and communicate better with all the people around you.


Belief Points with Energy Focusing

You will learn 12 Belief Points that are derived from ancient acupressure; These energy points affect the physical body as well as the mental and emotional body. They represent fundamental beliefs that give us valuable information about how we are limiting ourselves in a given situation. Belief Points make it easy to access and change subconscious beliefs. The Energy Focus is a process that allows you to concentrate the energy to a point in the body in order to Balance the Belief points or to correct the imbalances of energy in yourself and in others.


This process allows us to use a person as a substitute for muscle testing and Balances with the subconscious mind of others at a distance; for example, someone in a coma or too sick to do their own Balances, those who have transitioned or children too young to do the muscle test. Balances can also be done with archetypes (the person who mistreats, figures of authority, etc.), with symbolic representations of the income source, a home or relationships with others. We always get permission from the two consciousness involved, at their Spiritual level, in order to carry out this sacred process. 

Core Beliefs Balance

This process Balances 13 “Core Beliefs”, that support the manifestation of our full potential in life. It is a process to prepare the body and mind system for an accelerated change.

Relationship Balance

This Balance will help you release and transform personal conflicts with other people or other consciousness, and to better understand the lessons of the relationship. It will provide you with a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children, siblings, co-workers, partners, friends. This Balance can be used with your relationship with anything, including  the relationship you have with yourself.

Life Bonding Balance

The “trauma of birth” and the “fear of death” are two powerful aspects of human existence: This Balance uses two central points of vital force (Timo Center and Hara Point) and a breathing technique as the means of releasing and transforming the negative aspects of these influences in our lives. By directing your breath between these two powerful points in the body, you will learn to release the stress and pain associated with these experiences to experience the fullness and joy of life. When you are in peace with death, you may live fully!

Ritual for Activation of the Teal Energy

A magnificent experience to feel the focused energy of infinite universal love.

Personal Power Balance

Something special to end 4 days of profound transformation!

As Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.  The processes that we will learn together, meet this criterion.

The Advanced Integration Workshop generates deep changes and a profound transformation. Each Balance brings you closer to Remembering your True Divine Essence

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