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Thank you for your interest the PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration workshop in London.

I will share some workshop information here for you and for more detailed information about PSYCH-K®, the Advanced workshop and to book your place, please go to my website You can also email me at  with any questions you have and I’ll be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, here are the details for the workshop and I look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.

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November 14th – 17th  2019



£750 if paid by October 13th  2019

£825 if paid between October 14th and November 13th.

Payment plans  can be arranged by contacting me directly. Full payment must be completed one week before the workshop, unless cash payment on the first day of the workshop has been agreed.


Venue Address


Novotel Hotel London West – 5 minute walk from Hammersmith tube station.





Tel: 02087411555


More detailed information will be sent upon booking and you will also receive an email one week before the workshop.


In the Advanced workshop, you will receive all of the materials needed to facilitate more PSYCH-K®️Balances. The new Balances are more in depth and, rather than having to work out what beliefs you need to change, the beliefs are already created within the profound Balance processes. You will learn how to work with superconscious goals and also with intention when Balancing.



What will you learn at the PSYCH-K®️ Advanced Workshop?


Rapport Balance

You will learn how to create a deep sense of trust and safety with others, making the facilitation of change easier and more comfortable than ever before. You will use a powerful process to create a whole-brained state when communicating with others both verbally and non-verbally.

If you’ve ever found that it seems like you’re talking in a different language to someone, you might well be. You will find out if you are stressed or whole brained when listening to someone speak, or when speaking yourself, words in each of the visual, auditory and kinesthetic language preferences. If you are weak in any of these preferences, communicating easily with others who process primarily through that preference may be difficult. This Balance can have an immense impact around any communication challenge.

You will also find out if you are whole brained or stressed when creating rapport with someone and when breaking rapport with someone and also when you are the one who is creating and breaking the rapport. This Balance can initiate amazing change in the field of communication.



Belief Points with Energy Focusing

You will learn 12 points on the body that are derived from ancient acupressure. They represent key beliefs that can give us valuable information about how we are limiting ourselves. When these points are combined with Energy Focusing, the associated subconscious beliefs can be accessed and changed in a matter of seconds.



A process that allows you to help others who can’t be there in person, such as humans and animals and also inanimate objects. Balancing can be done on behalf of the person, or animal or any inanimate object. The possibilities for Balancing using surrogation are immense, at both a personal and global level.


Core Belief Balance

This Balance aligns 13 pairs of Core Beliefs that support the manifestation of your full potential in life. This Balance is frequently a profound alignment process that prepares the mind/body system for accelerated growth and change. You will literally receive a paper print out of your life, according to the Core Beliefs you hold. Once you complete the Balance, it can make so much sense as to why you are having the life experiences that you are. You will also invite in your light body/higher self to support you in the integration of these profound changes.


Relationship Balance

This balance can help you transform personal issues with others and better understand the lessons to be learned in relationships. It will provide a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children, siblings, coworkers, spouses, friends, lovers and more.

If you are experiencing challenging relationships in your life, through this Balance, you will be able to learn the gifts that person is bringing to you, allowing you to make a whole-brained decision about the relationship.

You will also have the opportunity to choose what you would like to hear from the other person; something that you are unlikely to actually hear them say in your daily life. This Balance can be used for people, money, objects etc and is done by having someone step into surrogation with the person you would like to do the Balance with. We use Belief Points in this Balance to identify, specifically, which buttons are being pushed in that relationship. Are the lessons about self worth, forgiveness, change, worry, knowing/not knowing who you are, connection and disconnection etc.

So often in life, we experience relationships that appear to go ‘wrong’ and we end up leaving that relationship, whether it’s with a boss, friend, family member, partner etc. If we don’t learn the lessons from the person or receive the blessings they are bringing us (in a big disguise), we will go on to re experience the same problems in other relationships. During the PSYCH-K® Relationship Balance, you will be able to receive the gifts in a particular relationship, so that you don’t have to repeat the same experience over and over again.


Life Bonding Balance

The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human life. This balance utilizes breath as a means of re- programming any limiting impact of these influences in our lives. You will have the opportunity to transform any distressful events in your life from conception gestation and birth, all the way through to the present time and any fear of death also.

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