PSYCH-K® Basic Course in English, in Göteborg, Sweden

The next PSYCH-K® Basic Course workshop in English, in Göteborg, Sweden will take place in September 20.-22.2019

During this three-day Basic Course you will learn the basics of PSYCH-K®:      PSYCH-K logo

  • of how your mind works
  • how to use the muscle testing in a PSYCH-K® way
  • how to recognize the limiting beliefs that your life currently relies upon
  • how to change those limiting beliefs into more supportive ones
  • how to transform your perception of stress in your daily life into a peace of mind
  • how to create new beliefs in a way that your subconscious mind understands
  • how to change your life and help others too!

The course is in English with English material included. Other languages possible with request.

Price: 800€, incl. VAT. Early bird (1 month before the start) 700€.

Instructor: PSYCH-K® Basic course Instructor Raija Matinpalo

More information about this amazing course and enrollments:

Lovisa Rosenberg, Joy of change AB

Tel. Norway +47 484 74 120

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